Regulations and Rules

Regulations and Rules

Regulations and Rules

  1. General regulations.

    1. Hike – an event organised to commemorate the first attempt to walk around the Jeleniogórska Valley through the sourrounding mountain ranges by, among others, tragically deceased GOPR member Daniel Ważyński. Full name is Hike around the Jeleniogorska Valley im. Daniela Ważyńskiego i Mateusza Hryncewicza.

    2. Participant – an adult person who willingly takes part in Hike and accepts its rules and regulations.

    3. Organiser – a person who takes part in preparation and organisation of Hike.

    4. Regulations – rules and regulations created by the organisers and being in force during the event.

  2. Goals of the event.

    1. Main goal of the event is to commemorate the first attempt to walk around the Jelenigórska Valley through the sourrounding mountain ranges by tragically deceased Daniel Ważyński. The place, time limit and route is given by the organisers.

  3. Organisers

    1. Karkonosze Mountains Volunteer Rescue Service (GOPR)

      street Sudecka 79
      58-500 Jelenia Góra

      Tel/Fax (075) 752 47 34

      Emergency number 985 or +48 601 100 300

    2. Official web page of the event:

  4. Time, place, route and the time limit of the event.

    1. Route of Hike is prepared by the organisers and will be given to the participants in the form of a map and a short description.

    2. The route is prepared in such manner as to limit the passage through roads on which vehicular traffic is allowed. The route runs mainly through tourist routes, forest roads and paths.

    3. Time of Hike is set by the organisers and will not depend on any external factors including weather conditions.

    4. Time limit is 48 hours.

    5. After 48 hours Hike ends and all participants who will not finish the route and will not withdraw from the route will no longer be considered participants. Therefore, organisers will not take responsibility for actions taken by those persons.

  5. Participants.

    1. Hike is a voluntary and not competitive event.

    2. Every participant takes part in the event on his/her own responsibility.

    3. Every participant must be at least eighteen years old

    4. Every participant decides when and where he/she will sleep/spend the night.

    5. All participants agree to publish their pictures and personal information while publishing the attempt in the media and commercials, promo papers by the organisers, partners and sponsors.

    6. All participants will obey the rules and regulations created by the organisers.

    7. During the debriefing before at the start of the event, all participants will be informed of possible hazards on the route.

    8. All participants during the event will be under personal accident insurance.

  6. Rules and regulations being in force on the route.

    1. Every participant will carry all of his/her baggage on his/her own, without any means of transportation.

    2. Participants can use catering points and shops. Locations will be included in the description of the route provided by the organisers.

    3. All participants are obliged to have a first aid kit, outwear and shoes suitable to the conditions, food and drink (enough for the entire event – according to personal judgement), source of light with enough batteries to provide power for at least two nights.

    4. Every participant is obliged to have fully operating and charged mobile phone and provide the organisers with the number.

    5. Bonfires are prohibited in the forest and near them.

    6. Camping and resting in restricted places is prohibited. Camping and resting on private property only on participants own responsibility.

    7. Movement through cultivation areas/fields, forest nursery-gardens, and private properties is prohibited.

    8. During the event all traffic regulations and fire safety regulations are in force.

    9. All rescue and other important phone number will be given on the map provided by organisers.

    10. In case of any dangerous situation, participants are obliged to call for help. If cell phones are out of range or nonoperational, participants are obliged to call for help using every available means.

    11. Every participant is obliged to help any other participant in case of emergency.

    12. Before the start, during the registration process, organisers will check each participant’s obligatory equipment. Namely, first aid kit, source of light, mobile phone. Participants missing any of the obligatory equipment will be disqualified.

    13. Participant’s first aid kit must include:

      a.elastic bandages (three)
      b.gauze roller bandages – 10cm wide (two)
      c.triangular bandage (one)
      d.sterile gauze pads (three)
      e.adhesive bandages (three)
      f.hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) for cleaning wounds (one bottle)
      g.latex disposable gloves (two pairs)
      h.first aid blanket (emergency blanket, weather blanket) (one)
    14. Checkpoints (two-person teams) will be situated on the route. Their locations will be given before start or earlier.

    15. All checkpoints, except from the first one, will be operational until the last participant passes them.

    16. Due to the safety regulations, first checkpoint situated on przełęcz Okraj (Okraj pass) will be operational form 02.00 to 12:00 on Saturday, September 15. Participants who will not arrive at that time will be disqualified.

    17. Food stand operates from 8 am to 3.30 pm on Saturday 15th September 2012.

  7. Organisers provide:

    1. Transportations, form several point on the route, to Szklarska Poręba, for participants who will withdraw during the event. This points will be marked on the map provided by organisers.

    2. Transportation will take place only form the given point on the route to Szklarska Poręba. There is a possibility to get off between the point and Szklarska Poręba.

    3. Organisers are obliged to provide the participants with at least one food stand on route for their use. The location and operating times will be indicated on the maps as well as in the description of the route provided also by the organisers.

    4. Oragnisers will provide maps of the route and description of it. Maps will be given before the start.

    5. All participants during the event will be under personal accident insurance.

    6. Organaisres provide medical help in form of GOPR’s special rescue team, stationed in GOPR’s central station in Jelenia Góra.

    7. Every participant will be provided with reflective participant’s number to provide visibility and enable control during the event.

  8. Registration.

    1. Enrollment for the Hike event is recorded due to previous bank transfer of the entry fee and logging in the entry form online.

      The order of applications will be sequenced by the date of entry fee payment.

    2. Entry fee is 100 PLN.

    3. The maximum number of Participants is 400 which makes it deadline number. Persons who will transfer the entry fee after reaching the maximum number of participants will receive a total refund.

    4. The deadline entry date is set for the 31st July 2012, in case the maximum number of participants will enter before the set date it will automatically be cancelled.

    5. Filling the entry form online is obligatory and the personal data are needed to verify the participants.

    6. Each participant is obliged to provide the organisers with their phone number which they will use during the event.

    7. Each participant is obliged to sign the statement where they declare to enter the Hike event willingly and aware of all the hazards. Such statements are to be signed at the start while registering.

    8. The entry fee will not be due to refund in case the participant will withdraw the event in any case.

  9. Final rulling.

    1. The above rules and regulations are the rules to conduct the Hike around the Jeleniogorska Valley im. Daniela Ważyńskiego i Mateusza Hryncewicza.

    2. The regulations are to be obeyed by both persons and institutions taking part in the event which are the organisers and the participants.

    3. Matters of argument will be judged by the organisers.

    4. The rules of the regulation may change and the changes will be published on the net site of the Hike event.

    5. Cases undeclared in this regulation will be arbitrated by the organiser.

    6. The final recognition of the above rules is the organisers’ task and duty.

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